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LG E500 has a powerful processor, spacious hard drive disk, integrated web cam, wireless internet connection, comfortable keyboard, good operating system, and plus this model of a laptop is not expensive at all.

Who are the potential customers of this model of a laptop? Well, practically everyone whose work is connected with the work on the laptop. Businessmen, college students, travelers, office workers will admit the advantageous features of this laptop.

Not every laptop has an integrated web cam. However, this model of a laptop has it. It provides even better connection with your friends and relatives. A wireless connection is stable and quick. Receive and send e-mail letters quickly. A great LG screen provides a marvelous clarity and colors.

Opportunity to store all the documents you need for work and audio and video files for pleasure is a significant advantage for everyone. The sound system integrated in this laptop provides an amazing sound. You will receive a real pleasure watching your favorite movies on this LG screen.

LG keyboard has very soft keys. The keyboard provides really a quiet typing. The LG battery life is very good. Users have an opportunity to work on this LG laptop quite a long period of time. This LG E500 also is not very expensive.